About us

The company

Bödenpresswerk Daaden GmbH was found in October 2001 as the follow-up company of the former Walter Krämer GmbH and is based in Daaden, Germany. We are specialized in the manufacturing of superior cold-formed vessel heads and dished ends.

In the meantime, modern technology is used. Optimal conditions for our experienced employees who bring know-how and the necessary finesse for the implementation of the high-quality demands of our customers and ourselves.

Constant investments in our staff and our machinery ensure continuous adaption to the changing technical requirements.

How we work

Why you can trust us.

Cold-forming manufacturing processes

Our heads are exclusively produced through cold-forming processes. This offers the main advantage that we can always offer competitive prices, even for small quantity orders. The second advantage is the high flexibility during the manufacturing process. We can produce your desired measurements with millimeter precision.

Focus on customer demands

Our team will do whatever it takes to meet our customers' wishes. We will go to great lengths to meet your technical, financial, and delivery time demands. Our team is only satisfied when our customers are!

Stock and reliable suppliers

Due to our large stock of carbon steel and stainless steel plates, we can offer you short delivery times and competitive prices. When your demand cannot be fulfilled from our stock, the material will be purchased from our reliable suppliers with whom we have long-standing partnerships.


Our employees form the heart of our company. We operate only with highly skilled and experienced employees to ensure the highest quality and best service for our customers.